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By Bob Enzel

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Trail Biking in Sisimiut

Lots to do in Greenland for the Adventurous
Firstly, there are no road or railroads connecting the cities. All travel between towns takes place by air or boat or perhaps dog sled. There is auto traffic, but it is confined to each particular city. Flights from Iceland or Copenhagen go directly into Nuuk, Kulusuk/Tasillaq Narsarsuaq or Illulissat.

The city of Qaqortaq is ideal for taking a day tour boat to see icebergs and seals. Or, for a real local experience book three days on board the Sarfaq Ittuk chatting with locals while exploring towns along the west coast of Greenland.

If you're a kayaker--a real kayaker then go kayaking with Jens-Pavia on the kuussuaq river our of Kangerlussuaq. The direct departure flights into Kangerlussuaq from Baltimore apparently did not prove profitable and were discontinued.

In South Greenland you can follow the travels of Erik the Red from the town of Narsarsuaq. No doubt you've wondered where the name Greenland originated. In Narsarsuaq, as you follow the Viking's route to Eriksfjord--the place named after Erik the Red--all will be explained. South Greenland "is blessed with a mild and warm microclimate" where the vegetation is "lush and green". A days hike from Narsarsuaq brings you to the white glacier of Kuussuup Sermia and the natural wonder of the "Ice Sheet".

Cross the fjord to Qassiarsuk and see types of reconstructed buildings that were lived in by the Norse settlers and where the Vikings made home. Then head to the island of Uunartoq "close to the settlement of Alluitaup -paa" and experience a hot spring pool of 100 degrees Fahrenheit while watching an ice berg float down the fjord.

In East Greenland head for Tasiilaq via the airport at Kulusuk. The local tourist office can organize a dogsled trip where you'll be the guest of the hunters as they head out for adventure. Certainly not your ordinary type tourist experience.

Ilulissat in North Greenland can be reached by a direct flight from Iceland. The biggest glacier in Northern Hemisphere drops hunks of ice into gorgeous blue Disko Bay. A day boat trip will get you quite close and a helicopter ride will give you a sense of the enormity of the glacier.

The Capital of Greenland is Nuuk and its largest town. Cetainly large enough for its own traffic light. Soak up the atmosphere at the Katuaq Culture Centre, Nuuk's Museum of Art and the National Museum. Nuuk faces out onto Godhabsfjorden where there are small icebergs and Humpback whales in the district of Quinngorput.

Plus, there are many more activities, such as, Angling; Mountaineering; Diving; Heliskiing; Midnight Sun; Musk Ox Safari; Northern Lights; Cross Country Skiing; Snowmobiling...

For the editor's first-hand experience read the two articles on Greenland on the right hand side of the Home Page.

Take a Sled Dog Ride
Take a Sled Dog Ride from Kangerlussacq to Sisimiut with 24 dogs and 2 sleds traveling 180 kilometers from one side of Greenland to the other. Itís a 2-night, 3-day trip across the horizon of snow-clad mountain landscapes of peaks, gorges, fjords and lakes to amaze. The best time for this trip is from January to April.

The International Airport at Kangerlussacq is your arrival and return point. There are no connecting roads in Greenland; therefore, you cannot drive from one town to the next. The 5-day trip begins in Iceland or Denmark.


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