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A Visitor's Guide to Colonial and Revoluntionary
Mid Atlantic America
By Patricia and Robert Foulke

Reviewed by Dick Healy

Few early American historical sites can match the region in and around Lake George, New York, ideally nestled in the shadows of the Adirondack Mountains. So it seems only appropriate that Patricia and Robert Foulke whose home, located at the southern east-side of the lake is where the retired senior collage professors write travel guide books. Too date, 12 in all. From Patricia and Robert’s breakfast nook, you can look up the lake at the rolling mountains that 200 years ago echoed with musket rifle burst and thundering cannons. A time when the French and Indian Wars raged all the way from Canada, and thereafter became so instrumental during the Revolutionary war. Each day in season, at the replicated Fort William Henry, a single canon is fired, and visitors listen as its thundering sound bouncing off the mountains.

The Foulke’s last book, “ Mid Atlantic America “ is a broad-brush trek down history lane, guiding readers through towns, villages and along waterways that literally shaped our rich American legacy, chronicling the nuances of how we evolved as a people. This major 324 page visitor’s guide to Colonial & Revolutionary New England has, at its core, an exceptional historic perspective not found in previous travel books I have read. Instead of just following the standard routes that meander down through New York State, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, the Foulkes let you sample the whole fabric of America’s unique experience.

Whether describing the French and Indian War that took place 250 years ago between France and Britain (1754 to 1763) throughout the Hudson-Champlain region, or detailing the facts of the murder of Jane McCrea by an Indian in Fort Edward that rallied American forces which eventually brought on the defeat of Britain’s General Burgoyne at Saratoga, one thing is clear: Patricia and Robert Foulke’s have done meticulous research.

Equally revealing in this narrative is the many subtle facts on National Historic Parks included in the five-state- wide geographical boundaries. The diverse historic museums collectively outlined within the book’s pages make Mid Atlantic America well worth a read. As the Foulke’s point out, “ Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on Chestnut St. between 5th and 6th streets is the place where the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation were adopted and where the end of the Revolutionary War was announced.”

Every travel book seemingly captures individual reader’s special interest. Having once owned a 30-foot S2 sailing yacht in Annapolis, and recalling the joy of sailing on the vast Chesapeake, I noted that the Foulke’s also sailed extensively in Annapolis. Robert, as the assistant sailing officer in 1953 at the U. S. Naval Academy, and Patricia, spent their first year of marriage in Annapolis living, as they put it, “ In a rented apartment on Duke and Gloucester Street.” They also highly recommend a visit to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, among other Maryland based museums.

I have only described few of historic sites, fine dining establishments and lodging offered in Mid Atlantic America mainly because they’re too numerous to mention in this brief space. Suffice to say that this visitor’s guide is a thoroughly complete historical trek. One could fashion several trips around the information presented. The Foulke’s have done the hard work. Now all vacationers have to do is follow the detailed historic path they’ve mapped out.

Sidebar: Robert Foulke is the former chair of the English Department of Skidmore College, Saratoga, NY and holds a doctorate in literature. His wife has published in newspapers and magazines nationwide and has a master’s degree in history.

Book Published by: The Countryman Press
Woodstock, VT

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